Fiction Friday: Poetry

Poetry isn’t a strong suit of mine, so today I’m going with another poem. Next week I might find a prompt and write a scene based on it. Then I’ll leave a prompt of my own.

Brown and Bold/Diversity *

If I’m the hero of my own story

how come no one who looks like me

ever gets to play the lead?

Am I only a star

when you can’t justify putting a white face

to the voice of a girl

with a wide nose and thick curly hair?

I control the narrative

and with my words

believe that you can be beautiful, brown, and bold.

Understand that I want to tell my tale

for myself

not take away your narrative.


*I’m not sure which title I like better. I need to play with metaphors and imagery more, but I wanted this to be somewhat straightforward. Sometimes (often) people don’t get/ respond to subtlety.



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