Even though once upon a time (just last year) fall meant going back to school, it has also always meant the start of the holidays. The first of those holidays (on a national level- the Jewish holidays are #1) is Halloween. It is also my favorite. This should come as no surprise if you’ve been paying attention to my previous posts. I love to dress up and put together a fun look. It’s also why comic con is something I look forward to every year (it gives me a second chance to strut my stuff).

If I’m being honest I don’t know the history of Halloween, all I know is that it means something entirely different now. Regardless of Spooky Days purpose for the most part it’s harmless fun. So here are some ideas for those of you who want to mix it up a little (and also avoid buying something overpriced)*:

  1. Fiancé of Frankenstein– All you need is a black and white wig, a few fake stitches and a fake engagement ring. Outfit doesn’t really matter as much since it’s not the big day, and you can feel free to make the skin around the ring finger a different color. Throw in a fake bridal magazine too if your into it (the bride isn’t me, but I photoshopped this). brides3
  2.   Harleen Quinzel– I know everyone and their grandma is going to be Harley Quinn this year (hell I was in her more traditional ‘stume for nycc), so why not change it up a little and go as her before she met the joker. All you’d need is a lab coat, a blonde wig (if you’re not blonde already), and an Arkham Asylum name tag. empire-margot-robbie-harley-quinn-jared-leto
  3.  YOU….FROM THE FUTURE– This one might be a little self serving but if you’re young and figuring things out, why not use makeup to add some wrinkles to your face, put a hunch in your back, and act like you’ve already accomplished your goals. Find your own baby pictures or those of another family member and carry them in your wallet like they’re your grandchildren. To go even further, print out a fake drivers license with the years you’d be to match the age you’re going for.
  4. Zombie– This one might be a bit overdone, but the thing is, you can turn almost anything into a zombie. For example an older costume or an outfit you hate. If you want to add a theme you could even pick an era and act like a zombie from the time. A little fake blood and tears in your clothes is really all you need. Fake cuts and bruises can be added as well, but as long as you’ve got the walk you’ll sell it. tumblr_n2efbjadke1rpfukho4_500tumblr_n2efbjadke1rpfukho1_500
  5. A Stuffed Toy– Just like you can transform into an old person you can turn yourself into a doll. Add a fake label and you’ve pretty much got a ‘get out of jail free’ card. You can go as simple or outrageous as you want. If you want to go more animal get fake ears and a tail, if you want more humanoid paint buttons on your eyelids and use eyeliner to extend your smile. You can even add a label so that people know which kid you belong to (this whole look can be combined with the above zombie idea). img_4193

I hope that gave you some ideas. Next week I’ll post up some idea’s for group costumes. I believe the popularity of superheroes is giving us a rise in costume team ups as well.

*As usual the pictures are mostly from google. I photoshopped the fake bridal magazine, but the picture is from deviant art. The featured image is of me.


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