Clothes and Confidence

A few weeks ago I wrote about identity and how I consider myself to be multifaceted (as humans tend to be). I believe this extends to all aspects of my life such as how I do my makeup and what I choose to wear.

Back in high school I never really experimented with anything. I wasn’t that confident and my mom didn’t wear makeup so she didn’t encourage me to either. The cosmetics thing never really bothered me, but looking back on it I wish I’d expressed myself more through how I dressed. To be able to do so is a luxury a lot of people take for granted and I don’t want to throw that away.


^^^Note the glasses in hand (unseen are the braces) and the shirt with a nice sentiment that says nothing about me as a person

Shopping with intent or with a specific look in mind (to me) makes it a much more enjoyable experience, and, as I was getting to earlier, doesn’t have to involve buying the same shirt in bulk. If I had to pin my style down I’d say that I prefer dark colors, otherwise I try not to ascribe to a specific label. That may come across hipster-ish, but honestly while I do find some labels to be satisfying when it comes to how I look it really comes down to how I feel that day.

All me (I have gone out in public in the former look, sans the green eyes). Also my sister again 😀

Bottom line*: I’ve been watching way too much Project Runway, but like with walking and knowing who you are, how you look and present yourself in the world are just more ways you can boost your confidence. Also, trust me when I say I have plenty of days where a trash-bag and some moisturizer are my go to so don’t take this all too seriously.

*I totally meant it when I said expression is a privilege too! Donate clothes when you can because low income families and homeless people don’t have the luxury to always put their best selves forward.


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