Standard Millennial Rant

Young people ‘amirght. You insult them and their tastes constantly and suddenly they don’t want to vote for you. Forget about the fact that you ignore the issues they care about, treat them like a hive mind, and that they have to go to a school most likely out town on election day the real problem is that they just don’t care. The governments proven to be totally trust worthy so just mail that shit in.

Does that sound familiar? This weekend I saw an article title about the Clinton campaign trying to find a way to get the youth vote and as usual it resulted in a huge eye-roll from me. Articles like that are so common and it’s incredibly clear that if millennials are responding to them, the writers haven’t been listening. I certainly believe that we should respect older people more and that ageism is a legitimate problem, but respect needs to be a two way street. I could wax on and on about why it is that the people in my generation deserve to be less stigmatized and treated as individuals who happen to be close in age, but I shouldn’t have to.

Politicians talk of relating to the young people as if the older generation didn’t raise the younger one. A person being out of touch isn’t the problem of the people they’re ignorant about. If you can’t understand a major part of the population, the part that’s growing and changing and the future of our nation, then I don’t think you have the right to be insulting anybody.

Until Politicians wise up, I will say that it’s still very important to be politically conscious at both a local and national level. I’ll also add that while we still have their attention millennials should be having way more fun with candidates ignorance. Maybe if we tell them all young people like bread we’ll see more bread based advertisements, and wouldn’t that be a nice change to the standard fear tactics and attack ads we see interrupting our favorite shows on a daily basis.

*If you’re still anti- duck-face that’s your problem ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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