Music and Media

Full disclosure: I’m not a music expert, just an enjoyer of great beats and well thought out lyrics. I’m also not really focusing on instrumental scores.

One of my favorite Marvel movies of all time is Guardians of the Galaxy mostly because the soundtrack is awesome. There was nothing more relatable to me then Peter Quill putting on his tunes before searching the planet for the plot starting orb, because whether I’m walking to class or doing my laundry my life needs some background music. That’s why for today’s post I’m going for a different approach and listing some of the TV shows/ movies I like that have music playing an important role.

  1. The Get Down: This is a more recent watch that is currently on Netflix. It follows a group of boys navigating the beginnings of Hip-Hop and their female counterparts trying to make it big during the Disco era. This has some original songs/rhymes but it also relies on the music of the time to give it the authenticity of the 70s. I like it mostly because it’s the music my parents played when I was growing up and I still enjoy to this day. Don’t go in expecting a history lesson though (just plan on adopting 5 sons).
  2. Crazy Ex- Girlfriend: Shifting gears a bit (okay a lot) this show is for the broadway musical lover in me. Even if the show isn’t your cup of tea (which to be honest it’s not for everyone) the music is hilarious. With songs like Settle For Me  and I Give Good Parent  you’ve got to give credit where credits due: these were all well thought out. At least one of these will be stuck in your head for weeks, and the genre’s actually vary.
  3. Steven Universe: I talked a bit about Steven Universe in my post about Cartoons, but like Crazy Ex- Girlfriend even if the show isn’t you usual genre, the music is amazing. Stronger than You is the show at it’s best and it’s even greater in context, but on it’s own it’s still a delightful ear worm. More recently Here Comes a Thought is my go to relax/take a breather song because it’s another example of the shows blend of music and it’s themes of balance, love, and trust.
  4. Man From Uncle: This is my last choice because I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I first saw it. The trailers mildly interested me, but I didn’t see it in theaters in part because I didn’t realize how fantastic the score would be. One of my favorite scenes hands down is when Napoleon Solo is making an escape and reluctantly goes back to save his Russian partner (it’s a spy movie set in the 60s). Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera (the song) is the icing on the cake to this already hilarious moment. To top it all off it ends with Nina Simone’s, Take Care of Business which, like the music in the Get Down, is a perfect song to keep you in the era the story takes place in.

At the risk of being to wordy I kept the above list down to four strong candidates. Later this week I might write up another post with more shows and movies that are like love letters to good music, but for now do yourself a favor and check out at least one of my choices. The Get Down and Crazy Ex Girlfriend are on Netflix, while Steven Universe is on Cartoon Network and Hulu. The Man From Uncle shouldn’t be too hard to find (I DVR’d it from HBO) and all the music can be found on Youtube. Happy Listening!


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