Nothing aids the process of self discovery better then being self aware. An obvious statement to be sure, but like many things in life that are straight forward it’s overlooked. Personally I’ve realized that it’s hard to feel proud of my accomplishments because everyone else around me see’s them as stepping stones.

Graduating college for example isn’t something everybody does, especially not in the four year window that is slowly becoming less and less the norm. However college is no longer the end all be all for Americans so to my relatives and friends getting a job or going to grad school should be high on my priority list instead of taking a moment to enjoy what I’ve achieved.

As a result I’ve kind of reached a standstill. I haven’t put a lot of effort into looking for a job, because that’s the next big commitment in life for me. My goal right now is to slow things down a bit. I always do my best when I work at my own pace (as is the case for many). Why did I feel like sharing this? For the same reason I bother to put anything online: I hope someone will be able to relate. Life is a difficult thing to navigate for a lot of people, everyone’s not on an even playing field so it’s important to stop and breath for a little while**.

*The photo is of my sister.

**Here’s a link- Steven Universe: Mindful Education


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