No Allowance

Back home, and still without job I’m taking the time to reflect on my relationship with money throughout the years. I come from a middle class background and to this day live in the same house in the suburbs. However in spite of many sitcoms showing evidence to the contrary my sister and I never had allowance. We had some chores here and there, but that’s just what we were supposed to do without compensation. When I wanted a toy or a book I asked for it and it I either received it or I got the standard, “wait until your birthday/christmas” reply (both events are only two days apart mind you).

Occasionally during high school I helped my dad at his job and accepted ‘pay’ from him, but until college I never had a real job. I worked as an usher for a grand total of one semester and then quit of my own volition. The job was alright, but I didn’t love it nor did I get enough money to put up with feeling uncomfortable. Not a luxury everyone can afford but no allowance or not, I’ll admit it I’m a bit spoiled.

My second job I stuck with until I graduated (I was a desk assistant) and while I had plenty of frustrating moments there too, I’d honestly keep doing it for extra cash if I could. Having your own money in my opinion is way more freeing then having a car. If I had to I could walk into to town and take a train if I desperately wanted to go out, but as my funds dwindle the joys of Netflix, online shopping, and regular shopping are slowly coming to an end. As are the amount of activities I can do with friends. What is my point? Aside from the fact that I should get off my lazy ass and get a job, the idea that money can’t buy happiness is absolute malarkey. If I had steady money flowing in I wouldn’t be worried about running out of money, and if my childhood has taught me anything it’s that people will exploit your free labor* and to never work for free. Not in this economy!


*I love my parents very much, please continue to house and feed me mom :’D

**Also I just feel like Catwoman in the cover image. That sorta relates to $ right?


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