I promised the void of the internet two posts, so here’s the second one. I have a non-existent audience to please after all.

It’s now been a whole week since I’ve returned from Barbados and I just finished posting up some pictures on my FB, thus making it all official. This is my fourth time going to visit the land of my mother and for the most part I can say I’ve now seen a majority of the island. It’s pretty easy to do given that it’s fairly small in size. You could pretty much travel it in a day.

I don’t feel a deep spiritual connection with the country or anything but it does feel good to see my mom and grandmother enjoying themselves because for them it’s just as much home as America has come to be. I sometimes wish I did grow up more with the culture and the food, but really I’d rather be called a picky eater then be anyone other then myself.

The most important pieces of advice I can give anyone traveling to Barbados is to have lots of bug spray, and NEVER, I repeat NEVER order any seafood medley anything, anywhere. The latter is good advice no matter where you travel.


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