Quirky Girl

Next Monday I’ll be in my mother’s home country of Barbados (yes the place Rihanna’s from), but today is all about ‘quirky girls’.

Recently I jumped on the bandwagon and watched both season’s of Issa Rae’s web series Awkward Black Girl, which I enjoyed, and I caught up on season three of Broad City. Both series take the idea of the ‘adorkable’ female, but make it much more relatable. Sitcoms are also wising up to the fact that much more women relate to being awkward or weird, but the aforementioned shows do it best in my humble opinion. Why is this the case? I couldn’t really tell you, but I do know that one idea I want to shed as a feminist is that women are perfect fairy creatures that can do no wrong. In media I want to see females that are flawed and vulnerable because that’s whats real. While there are people in life that have their lives together and know where they’re going what’s most relatable is the gal that messes up multiple times before finding her way.

Another great thing about these girls is that they don’t look perfect all the time. The ‘quirky girl’ much like the real one doesn’t have one body type and isn’t always wearing a full face of make up. They wear clothes that they look like they can afford, and there’s nothing more refreshing then seeing what your fav is wearing in a store like h & m or finding their same hair piece in you local beauty supply store.

Even though I don’t smoke weed I find that I share a lot of traits with the suburban raised Abbi, and the weird, bi, and anxiety ridden Ilana from Broad City, on top of knowing exactly the troubles that come with being awkward and black like Jay (biracial edition) from Awkward Black Girl.  So while shows like Friends and Sex in the City might represent an ideal, I for one look forward to many more years of girls who are strange, unusual, but more importantly reflective of women I know in real life.


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