So despite the fact that I remain jobless, I’ve done what most broke people do and already begun contemplating my next purchase. Specifically I’m considering getting another set of ear piercings (or two), and tattoos. This past weekend my cousin and her parents were talking about the possibility of my aunt and uncle getting some ink and although my own mom has absolutely zero interest in punching holes in her ears or letting needles near her skin, she’s always been fairly tolerant of her punk rock (but not really) daughter.

I’d always thought about tattoos, but never really thought of myself as having any. Like my grandma I was a skin purist and didn’t think of them as body art the way I do know. I’m pretty indecisive about a lot of things, which is why I know I’m not going into this without a lot of thought. I didn’t pierce my ears for the first time until I realized I’d wanted them for years and that my mind wasn’t going to change. There are only two tattoos that I currently want.

One: A back tattoo that says “Mostly Void Partially Stars”, which is a quote from one of my favorite podcasts Welcome to Nightvale. The quote in full is about how we know a lot about the universe, while at the same time have so much to learn. It’s been a few years since that episode came out and those words have stuck with me. I’ve even bought the two shirts they sell with the phrase.

Two: A collarbone tattoo that says Alpha. This one is more of a maybe because I only recently thought of it. This is slightly more personal because I don’t always have the highest self esteem, however when I’m at home and comfortable I refer to myself as the Alpha (like a wolf!) because deep down I’m kind of a control freak and it makes me feel powerful to think of myself that way.

Nothing will be done until I have money in pocket, but whatever I decide to do I’ll wear it with pride the same way I rock black lipstick and Rihanna red wigs.



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