A Fresh Start

So, as usual I’ve started a blog and been a bit lax with updates. I’ve also gotten into making videos. In order to focus on both (especially now that I’m out of school) I’ve put together a list of topics I can write/talk about. This way I can update WordPress once a week, and Youtube sporadically for now.

Today, I just want to make a brief statement about something that has recently been on my mind. Just last week I graduated college and of course everyone’s been asking me about my next move. Some people have been helpful and suggested people I should talk to, while others have come across more judgemental. I however am not worried. I used to be, and sometimes I still get nervous about it, but the future will be what it’ll be. I happen to be lucky and have patient parents (or at least a patient mom), and I definitely send my best wishes to kids who have parents that want to kick them out after they get their degree. At the end of the day my values haven’t changed. I’ll take a loving and supportive family over long work hours and a soul sucking career any day. Whatever I do, I’ll do it well and give it my all.

Here’s a link to my youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ2ToiJjiH6yTv5GTw5yQZQ


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