I slacked off yesterday, and I wanted to apologize. I’m trying to be more disciplined. Anyway, I’m happy that my Media Criticism presentation is done because I was the most stressed about that one. I only have three things left to do for the week, but they’re all pretty minimal.

I’m once again stressed about job hunting because it seems like an impossible process for an introvert who just wants to find a low stress career. I suppose I’ll get through it just like the presentation but for now I’m uneasy and pessimistic.

On a random note two of my roommates are discussing safety and living on their own. I think they’re severely over estimating the abilities of sword and guns considering (as far as I know) they’re amateurs while they are underestimating the power of a baseball bat. Not my conversation though.

Any way I’m going to go to sleep soon, I hope this makes up for my being lazy on Sunday ;).



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