Bonus Post

Rant-ish: This is just something that has been on my mind for a while now. The feeling of being alienated or some kind of other comes up very often in my life.

In terms of race, I’m mixed on both sides of family, but I’ve always really called myself black as my parents have done (and as society expects you to do). Within in my family that goes un-questioned but most people (based on looks alone) assume I’m hispanic/latina in one way or another. It’s more annoying then it is hurtful, because I have nothing against the culture but I wish people looked beyond the physical. Regardless of what race I am (and people always end up asking to clarify) you should treat me according to my actions.

Another way I tend to feel alienated relates to my social habits. I’m fairly quiet and probably have a mild case of anxiety (I make sure to mention this is self diagnosed but it fits me) and this makes people uncomfortable. I know it does because all throughout my life people ask me the dumbest questions (such as ‘why are you shy/quiet?’), and it makes me feel like they see me as this ‘other’ like I’m no human-ing corrrectly and they have to point it out. I just need people to stop basically.

Rant done.


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