Final Countdown

Hey, all of zero followers 😀

I just realized that this is the last time I will be counting down to Thanksgiving break. Hopefully this time next year I will have a job of some kind, but either way I won’t be in school crossing days off my calendar and studying for the last test before break. The same can be said for Winter break which is less then a month away as well. I feel like people talk about your last summer vacation, but they never really consider all the other little long weekends throughout the school year that you’ll be missing after graduation.

I’m not saying that I’m going to miss college (I don’t think I should look at this time as the best 4 years of my life), but I will miss knowing when I have off/ having time around the holidays to stay at home. Of course, my dream job is one where I work from home and get paid a decent living wage. Those are really my two main requirements. I’d also like to have a decent amount of days off, but who wouldn’t. It’s kind of sad how basic that is and yet, I’ll be told I’m asking for too much because I don’t desire to be a quiet productive tool. I’m not going to go into that now though, because I’m in a decent mood and want to end on a positive note this time.

In spite of it’s terrible history, a holiday where we can eat and be thankful with family (especially after the summer we just had) is alright in my book. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. I’ll be back next week.



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