I’m comitted!

Hey audience of no one, it’s me. As promised it has been a week and I actually remembered to create a post for today. I’m a little proud of myself because I really suck at committing to formally writing things. I have so many stories and doodles of characters that are mostly active in my mind. I write/post my ideas sometimes, but I still never really go anywhere with them. This is something else I’m going to try and work on.

I think in my first post I mentioned the stress I was feeling about graduation and job hunting, and I have to say I’m still feeling it. Obviously this is just part of being a senior in college, however I feel my inability to be a social person sometimes really gets in the way of my progress. I’ve never been formally diagnosed with anxiety or depression or anything but I recognize the symptoms in myself and part of my problem is that asking for help (out side of, and sometimes within my family) is the biggest “Hell no” for me. Part of me wants a mentor type person to help get me on my feet, but another part of me knows that I will probably just figure something out the way I always do when I’m in these kinds of crossroads situations. My biggest problem is  that I want to know everything will work out, but my brain is feeding all the worst case scenarios. Thankfully Thanksgiving (no pun intended) is coming up and I can take a little break from school soon. See you next week, with a (hopefully) more positive post.



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